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26 Halloweens

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Sorry to keep you all waiting, but I’ve been laying low as of late.  I’ve been working, staying home, not doing much at all, and loving every second of it.  Fall is going by way to quickly and I am not happy about it.  I love fall for many reasons-football, cool weather, hoodies, the smell of fallen leaves, and of course-Halloween.

I love Halloween and I am usually way on top of my costume and my plans, but this year it has kind of snuck up on me and I’m contemplating not even dressing up this year.  Yea, I know, craziness right?  I don’t know if its me just being lazy, being worn out from all our trips centering around boozing, or trying to save money-maybe a little of everything but I may just be sitting at home on my couch this weekend.  I was thinking to myself, wow this would probably be the first year I haven’t dressed up, that would be a cool blog-my 26 years of costumes and will I break the streak this year.
Well…apparently I fantasized about my costumes as a child because I drove out to my mom’s in the south suburbs at 6am Sunday morning (that’s when I first started writing this-I couldn’t sleep, what better to do than drive to the burbs and wake my mom up before going to tailgate before the Bears game?) and was very alarmed to find that my mom did not dress me up those first few years of my life.  No baby’s first Halloween?!? It wasn’t until my brother was born that the costumes started popping up.  All I know is, my kids are getting costumes and there will be lots of documentation. And of course I forgot about my high school years-when you’re too old to trick-or-treat and too young to go get hammered at a party (I was a good girl in high school).  So here’s a look at my scattered history of Halloween costumes-the good, the bad, and the slutty.  Enjoy.


So this is the first picture I could find of me in a “Halloween” costume…really it was an old bumble bee leotard from a dance recital…


Devil and angel?  I’m not sure-but all I remember is that this costume had a super sweet sequined mask that I wore with it, I wonder where that went…
So the fat kid in the Cookie Monster costume…that would be me…

I decided to throw in some pictures of all the loot we took home….it was always an impressive  stash…except for the apples-really, old people?!?  
For those of you that know me, this may not be a surprise to you.  My brother and I would organize our candy as such.  We may have been a little obsessive.
So I like to refer to the 3 consecutive years in a row below as “the box years”.  I think you can figure out why.  My mom was crafty that’s for sure!
The Present
The Die
The Stoplight
Another good one…old crotchety housewife.  The parents really got a kick out of this one.  Again…my mom’s creation.

And so begins the college years…or maybe more appropriately, the “Halloween is an excuse to dress as slutty as you want and get away with it” years.

Cat ears?  Really??  I guess I was a freshman and still getting into the swing of things….
Oh Naughty Nurse, my best costume ever-and I’m sure the male population agrees with me.  I’m not one to toot my own horn, but this one was good-real good.  And so began the “naughty” years…
Naughty Cop
Naughty Devil
Naughty Pirate
Naughty Boxer

Those were some good naughty years…now onto the “couple” years…

Next to the naughty nurse, this has been my fav costume.  The spray painted hair was a little messy, but I loved the big necklace, Mike was an awesome Fred, and we were a hit!

Below is last year’s Halloween that we celebrated in Madison, WI.  Mike and I went as white trash and I think we did a pretty good job portraying just that!  Note that I’m pregnant, with a beer, and a baby named Chastity.  Solid.

So its Friday and I still have no plans to get a costume or go out to celebrate.  Just another sign that I’m old freaking balls.  I hope you enjoyed a little trip into my Halloweens past.  I promise that next year will be off the charts…I’ll have some making up to do.

  • >Waha! I found your blog! I totally remember pictures from the "Box Years", but I'm loving the next chapters. I just spent too long reading over all your blog and making an ingredient list for those chocolate chip cookies. I still don't have a goto recipe, so maybe this one can be mine too.Hope Chicago winter is on the outs, for good this time! 🙂

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