February 2011



Restaurant Week!

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Restaurant week in Chicago has begun!  We started off the week’s festivities at Ruth’s Chris on Friday night with friends…the same friends who participated in our notorious Pittsburgh weekend….yea, you know we weren’t stopping at dinner.  Champagne, wine, whisky, and espresso led us to Irish Eyes.  We usually remember going to Irish Eyes, what we never remember is leaving (or the hour or so leading up to leaving).  Ian’s pizza followed and I woke up the next morning wishing I had made better decisions-but hey, it WAS a great night, totally worth the millions of calories ingested and the pounding headache the next day!

8 oz filet, mashed potatoes,
mushrooms, creamed spinach
who knows what is going on here

Our next restaurant week outing was Sunday night at Roy’s with my mom…a much more tame night, to say the least.  Roy’s seafood never fails to impress me, the shrimp I had were like no shrimp I had ever eaten before-oh, so THAT’s how shrimp are supposed to be cooked!


We’ll round out our week with a visit to Japonais on Wednesday night with the same friends from Friday night.  Don’t worry, its a school night, we’ll try to keep the cocktail sampling to a minimum!

****Has anyone from Chicago or other cities participated in restaurant weeks this year?  What was your favorite??

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