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Chicago Gal Eats: Vegan Adventures

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So I figured since I like to eat, and I like to talk about what I eat, a compilation of my favorite eats might be in order.  I suppose this might be the start of a continuing series on my fav Chicago restaurants.  Since I’m on the vegan kick as of late, I figured I’d start with those.  I haven’t been to all of them, but if I haven’t been myself I’ve heard great things and plan to try them very soon!

Dragon Lady Lounge

Somewhat of a weird lounge, but awesome vegan Korean food so who cares!

Mana Food Bar

Soon to try, but I’ve heard very good things

Drew’s Eatery

Craving a chili cheese dog?  Or sloppy joe?  Or milkshake?  Drew’s has all of these-and they’re vegan-anddd they’re delicious!


Never been, heard great things, on my list.

Dharma Garden Thai

Thai with the option to vegan-ize anything on the menu, I ordered from grubhub and everything I got was great!

Rockin’ Taco

They have Al Pastor Tofu…enough said!!

The Chicago Diner

I have a few non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends that have told me that they loved this place and would definitely come back for more.  I have yet to try it (gasp!) but I will remedy that very soon!

Ian’s Pizza

Last but certainly not least, Ian’s has my favorite pizza EVER and now they have vegan options for this fabulous pizza!  They offer vegan pizzas daily but on Thursday nights they offer it by the slice.  They have awesome combos like lasagna pizza, taco pizza, portabella/red pepper/spinach, or just plain old pepperoni, sausage, or cheese.

Have you tried any of these places???  What did you think??


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