October 2011



I am Angry!

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An Angry Bird!!

Angry Birds!

This year Mike and I were Angry Birds…and we were a huge hit!  Neither of us were expecting the awesome response we got but everywhere we went people loved us!  We went to parties on Friday and Saturday and I was very impressed by the creative decor at both parties.  People went all out!  Friday’s party was complete with a Dexter kill room…love it!

The Bat Cave


Dexter kill room


Friday night we took the bus to the party and let me tell you, stuffing our big bird bellies onto the CTA was pretty entertaining…Mike was asking people if they’d seen any green pigs or golden eggs…yea, entertaining.

This weekend also made us realize how awesome Halloween in Chicago is.  You can find all your standard costumes at any given bar, but there are also some very creative and straight up weird people out there-greatest people watching nights ever.  We walked home both nights and all the crazies were out on the town.  Lots of people yelling “Angry Birds!” and asking us to take pictures with them, trannies out in full force with the craziest (and most ill-fitting) costumes you’ve ever seen, several people vomiting as they walked along Belmont….it was quite the weekend.

My favorite costume we saw this weekend was a guy dressed as Dexter and his girlfriend one of his victims.  It was so perfect I wish I would’ve taken a picture.  The guy was a dead ringer for Dexter’s hair and face and he wore Dexter’s standard kill outfit of a thermal and black pants with a black apron.  So good.  Hope everyone else is having a great Halloween weekend too!!


What were you for Halloween this year and what was the best costume you saw???


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