November 2011



Just Juicing: Day 2

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I’m still alive and well for those that were worried…and feeling much better than yesterday!  I am happy to report that the nausea I had yesterday was almost non-existent today and no headaches…one tried to creep up around lunch time but it faded away before it amounted to anything.  I was so busy at work today that I barely had time to even think about food until the drive home.  Lunch was a little tough, surrounded by gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries, but I made it through.

Breakfast fruit

Lunch-1/2 cucumber, 6 leaves of kale, 2 green apples, 4 stalks of celery, chunk of ginger

I’m not quite sure what dinner will be but I’ve got tons of new ideas after my Amazon order arrived today!  As I’ve mentioned several times before, I am obsessed with Amazon!  I was in need of some new reading material and these are the books that are now filling up my queue…..


Amazon shipment!

First off, The Big Book of Juices is huge!  This thing is fat and packed full of recipes.  I would say a majority of the recipes are fruit-centric and there are a few smoothie recipes thrown in but all in all I would seriously recommend this book to anyone interested in juicing.  There are tons of pictures and it just makes me excited to juice!

The Big Book of Juices

Here are the other books/cookbook I’m excited to read:

The Omnivore’s Dilemma

The Food Revolution

Thrive Foods



Wish me luck on Day 3!

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