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What is Birchbox you ask?  Well let me tell you my faithful blog readers…it is my latest and greatest find from Pinterest!  For those of you with a love of trying out fun new beauty products, you want to keep reading!


Way back when my obsession with Pinterest began, I stumbled upon Kate’s blog because there of tons of pins of her hairstyles all over the site and they are super cute-I even brought one of her pictures to my stylist when I chopped all my hair off!  Kate is now a permanent fixture in my Google Reader list and along with her awesome instructional videos on how to make your hair look as awesome as hers, she has some fun recipes and beauty finds thrown in there as well.  Enter Birchbox.


For $10 a month (shipping included!) you get a cute little box delivered to your door with samples of several great beauty products to try!  It’s my dream come true!  I know my blog has transformed itself into a sort of healthy eating/food blog but I do remember telling you in my very first post that I have a slight obsession with trying out new beauty products ( Sephora is a very bad place to let me loose in with a credit card).  So now, along with food and the trials and tribulations of my oh-so-interesting life, I give you the Monthly Birchbox Review!




I will admit, I wasn’t quite as impressed as I’d hoped with the items in my very first Birchbox but I’ve seen some of Kate’s and I know that there will be great things to come.  Here is what I got this month:


Kate Spade Twirl perfume:  Let me preface this by saying that I’m not a big wearer of perfume anymore because it can sometimes make me a little nauseous.  However, this Kate Spade scent was very light and I’ve been wearing it every day since I got my box.  Would I buy an entire bottle of it?  Probably not, but it is a very pretty scent that I will enjoy wearing until my sample runs out.


Zoya nail color in “Noel”:  A fun gunmetal-ish color that will be great for winter.


Thymes Eucalyptus Body Lotion:  A great feeling lotion, not greasy and fast absorbing.  The Eucalyptus scent was nice but a little on the masculine side of the scent spectrum.


Mini packet of Thymes Kimono Rose:  Same exact lotion in a different scent, I liked this one wayyy better to wear on a daily basis.  If you’re not a big fan of a rose scent, don’t worry this is very, very subtle.


Jouer Lip Enhancer:  I’m not sure exactly how much enhancing it does but it’s a decent lip conditioner and it adds a little shine.


Alex & Isabelle Classic Hair Tie:  At first I thought this was some kind of bow for the packaging but lo and behold, it’s a hair tie!  Not exactly my style but they do come in cute colors.



If I’ve convinced you to try out Birchbox, you can use this link and I’ll get points when you sign up 🙂






  • Lauren, I love your November Birchbox review! Did you receive your December’s yet? I just got mine, curious to see what you got and think…

    • I got mine this week! I’m going to try and post about it this week, I’m already liking it more than last months! 🙂

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