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GT Fish & Oyster

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So this past Wednesday I turned the big 2-9.  For the first night of my last year in my twenties I chose to {finally} dine at GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago‘s River North neighborhood.  Weekend reservations are hard to come by so I figured that a Wednesday night outing would be perfect!

From the moment we walked in the door I knew I was going to love this place.  The decor is modern and stylish but it has a little east coast fish market flare.

As we approached our table I was excited to see a birthday card waiting there for me-last year we ate at Capital Grille and they did the same, I just think it is such a great personal touch when restaurants go even that extra little bit to make you feel special.  I was even MORE excited when I opened the card to find a $20 gift card inside to use on my next trip to the restaurant-as if I would need an excuse to return!

We ordered a couple fancy cocktails (which were excellent!) and started trying to decide what we wanted to order from a menu where everything sounded amazing.

Mike’s bourbon cocktail-the Old Money

Obviously with a name like GT Fish & Oyster, oysters are going to be a big part of the menu.  I’ve only had oysters once when we were in Scotland and I’m just not quite sure about them yet-I think I just need a little more oyster exposure!  I wanted to try them here, but there were so many other exciting things on the menu I decided I would save the oysters for my next trip.  After 10pm oysters are 1/2 off…so maybe I’ll make it a late dinner next time 🙂

All of the dishes on the menu are meant to be shared-some are smaller than others but our waiter recommended that we order 2-3 dishes per person and he let us know which items would be larger.  We ended up ordering 5 dishes-Baja Shrimp Bruschetta, Oyster Po’boy Sliders, Clam Chowder, Lobster Roll, and the GT “Mac and Cheese”.  We were also surprised with an order of Fish Tacos, courtesy of the chef for my birthday, and their Key Lime Pie for dessert.

Baja Shrimp Bruschetta-avocado, toasted pistachio, grapefruit, cilantro

Oyster Po’boy Sliders-kimchi,peanuts

Clam Chowder-Neuske’s bacon, house made oyster crackers

Fish Tacos-garlic marinade, chipotle aioli, chicharron

Lobster Roll-lobster salad, pickled vegetables, fried onions

GT “Mac and Cheese”-lobster, english peas

Key Lime Pie-deconstructed

Is your mouth watering yet??  Mine is just thinking about our delicious meal!  Everything was fantastic and both Mike and I agreed-everything just had such a great depth of flavor!  Both mine and Mike’s favorites were the Baja Shrimp Bruschetta, Clam Chowder, and the Oyster Po’boy Sliders (in order of favorites).

I don’t think I could have asked for a better birthday this year.  Mike and GT Fish & Oyster really know how to make a girl feel special 🙂  I’m already looking forward to our return visit!


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