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Whiskey + Cola Gummies

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If you’ve been reading for blog for awhile, you might remember my post right around this time last year on “How To Make Vodka Gummy Bears”….or Chicago Drunken Gummy Bears.    Let me just say…I had no idea there were so many people out there in the internet world that were interested in how to do this!  This post has led many visitors to my blog and is by far my most popular post to-date.  So of course I had to do a follow-up!

Fall is here (yay!)-which means football season has arrived-which means Chicago Bears Football is back in action-  which means it’s time to TAILGATE!!  Fall is far an away my favorite season, for all the reasons previously listed, and what better way to kick it off than with some gummies infused with a little alcohol?!

I started with a 5 lb bag of Haribo Cola gummies, 2 1/4 cups of Jack Daniels, 1 3/4 cups of Maker’s Mark, and a giant plastic container with a lid.

There is no rhyme or reason as to the amounts of the different alcohol-that was basically what we had in our liquor cabinet and I didn’t feel like going to the store, and luckily I had the perfect amount!  In my drunken gummy makings, I’ve found that you really just need enough liquor to cover the gummies in whatever container you choose-so just go with that.

All I did was dump in the liquor, stir my gummies around a bit, cover the container, and stick it in the fridge where it sat for the next 5 days until Gameday.  I was tempted to add a little Coca-Cola around day 3, but decided it would probably end in my gummies being completely melted away, so I left it as is.

The above is a picture of the gummies right before I stuck them in the refrigerator-pretty much entirely covered, but with a few sticking out here and there.

The first most important things to do while “curing” your gummies is frequent STIRRING!  I put mixed these babies up at night and the next morning when I went to stir them it was like one giant gummy blob-the liquor kind of melts the gummies and then they all stick together.  On the first day after the mixing I had to put some time into separating the gummies and mixing them.  After the first couple days I would just take the container out, shake it up a bit, then stick it back in.  They were still somewhat stuck together at the end, but there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it unless you want to get in there and separate every one.

So day 5…gameday…I pulled the gummies out and like the bears I made last year, the bottles definitely increased in size.  Notice they are also a lot slimier as well!  To deal with the sliminess when serving, I brought small dixie cups and toothpicks so nobody had to get their fingers all sticky!

In our haste to get to the South Lot at 8am when it opens, I forgot to take a good picture of the gummy container with all the whiskey soaked up-it was probably completely soaked up after 2-3 days, so if you’re crunched for time that is probably all you would need.  These were pretty strong-Mike is a whiskey fan and he enjoyed them, but I’m not-so I didn’t.  If you want to tame them down a bit, just add less whiskey.  So…here is a picture of the final Whiskey + Cola gummy product, amongst our other tailgating goodies…

Remember above when I said the first most important thing is stirring your gummies?  Well the second, and arguably equally, most important thing is to KEEP THEM COOL!  While soaking your delicious little bottles in liquor, make sure to refrigerate, and if you’re taking them somewhere-make sure to keep them cool or eat them fast unless you want to see this….

…a giant, melted blob of gelatin and whiskey…I suppose I could have divvied this up and served it as jello shots, but it really wasn’t very pretty.  So lesson learned…Keep ’em Cool or Eat ’em Fast!  Hmmm…wonder what gummy concoction I can come up with next?!

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