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Headquarters Beercade

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Last Saturday Mike and I stumbled upon the opening weekend of an awesomely fun and unique new bar in Lakeview, Headquarters Beercade.  You can find them on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.  If you haven’t already guessed from the name, Headquarters is essentially a bar and an old school Arcade combined into one!  In a large, industrial-type space next door to Uncle Fatty’s, Headquarters is lined wall to wall with all of your favorite old school arcade games and the bartenders aim to please.  With their ample selection of craft beers and cocktails like  The Juice, Who’s Got the Mott’s, and the Sodapopinski, it really isn’t that hard.

In their own words, “With a name coined from the frothy head of a draft beer, plus the quarters needed to play any of the 30+ vintage arcade games lining the space, Headquarters (HQ) appeals to those looking for an alternative to the monotonous.”  This would be a perfect spot for a fun date night or just a great spot to come and nerd it out with your friends!

Mike and I stopped off at Indie Burger for a quick bite before heading over to Headquarters.

Indie Burger’s niche is local, organic ingredients and all things green- grass-fed beef; reclaimed wood, dining tables and countertops; old church pews from the South Side of Chicago; and chairs made from recycled soda pop bottles.  I had an Indie Burger and it was delish!  Onto Headquarters!

Beer list

If you can steal yourself away from their games, they have some great TVs-perfect for catching a different type of game!

No nonsense….

Who’s Got The Mott’s and the Sodapopinski

Mike and I quickly became addicted to Space Invaders and probably played for at least an hour.  During this time the manager came to chat with us and see how we were liking the place-he told us how they actually got ahold of all of the games…Ebay, Craigslist, and other types of ads and auctions-they guy that originally owned the Space Invaders game was actually there that night!  Definitely a really great concept and I’m already starting to itch for Round 2 of Space Invaders!

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