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Au Cheval

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In 2010 Mike and I visited Scotland and fell in love.  So much so that we’re getting married there next year!  There are many things to love about Scotland-the people, the towns, the countryside, the music, bagpipes, plaid…the list goes on! One of MY favorite things about Scotland was the BREAKFAST!  We stayed in B&Bs our entire stay and were treated to a large, delicious Scottish Breakfast every morning.  This kept us satisfied throughout our days that were filled with sightseeing, hiking, and other activities.  When we got back home to Chicago I tried to recreate these breakfasts for a few weeks but ever since then I’ve been jonesin’ for a good Scottish breakfast.

Enter:  Au Cheval!

Au Cheval Chicago

Au Cheval is a diner in the quickly evolving West Loop neighborhood on Randolph St.

Au Cheval Intersection

It is somewhat small and, like most traditional diners, their kitchen is right out in the open for everyone to see.

Au Cheval Bar

But Au Cheval is definitely not your typical greasy spoon diner.  When they’re serving up loaded Bloody Marys, doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault, delicious, thick cut bacon, and dishes like the hearty English Breakfast and Crispy Potato Hash with Duck Heart Gravy, they prove that they are anything but ordinary!

Au Cheval Bloody Mary

Au Cheval Bacon

Au Cheval Crispy Potato Hash

They may not call it a Scottish breakfast, but it fits the bill!

Au Cheval English Breakfast

There was not a single complaint from our group after we rolled ourselves out the door, completely stuffed and fully satisfied!  I never knew simple scrambled eggs could be so good!  Au Cheval is far an away the best “diner” I’ve ever been to and I can’t wait to return and try some of their non-breakfast offerings like their stacked Grilled Bologna sandwich or their big, cheesy burger!

Au Cheval Beer on Tap


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  1. Au Cheval
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    800 W. Randolph St.
    Chicago Illinois
    (312) 929-4580


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