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March 2014



Lazy Sundays

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Peach flowers, rustic bouquet

  • Trader Joe’s or Whole foods?? My grocery outings usually include a stop at both. Check out this flow chart from The Washington Post when you need help deciding between the two.
  • Ever since opening day, I’ve been head over heels for Eataly. Their Birreria is now regularly serving their 3 on-site brews alongside all the other craft beers in their impressive line-up. My favorite is Gina, a cask ale made with fresh thyme flown in from Italy. Eataly is currently offering a pairing of their 3 beers with paired bites for $16 – the perfect excuse to stop over now!
  • I’m such a sucker for a great list and this list of 33 Unbelievable Places to Visit Before You Die is no exception. I really want to get out to Arizona and check out Antelope Canyon soon!
  • Ever wonder what Sephora’s #1 selling skincare product is? InStyle has the answer!
  • The Eiffel Tower turned 125 this week! Mike and I were in Paris for a few days last year to kick off our honeymoon and while we didn’t go up to the top of the tower we saw it during the day and at night and it was pretty spectacular. If you plan on visiting Paris in the future check out these 6 great tips for seeing the Eiffel Tower.



March 2014



Del Seoul Korean Street BBQ

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When Del Seoul first opened it’s doors back in 2010 I worked right down the street from their tiny space that was originally only half of what it is today. I had never tried Korean-style tacos but as soon as I had my first bite of their Sesame-Chili Shrimp taco I knew there was no turning back. The giant panko-battered shrimp topped with their cool, crunchy secret slaw and sesame-chili aioli was like no taco I had ever tried before and I wanted more! Sadly I no longer work within walking distance of Del Seoul but that hasn’t stopped me from returning time and time again. The shrimp taco is definitely my favorite but not far behind are the spicy Sambal Fish taco and the Kalbi (beef short rib) taco. Who am I kidding though, the pork and the chicken tacos are pretty fantastic too!

Fish Taco

Kalbi Taco

Korean BBQ Tacos, Fish, Shrimp, Pork

As if these fab tacos weren’t enough, Del Seoul has an entire menu full of other delicious dishes like their Bento Box dinners, Banh Mi sandwiches, and Bibimbop bowls. They also have a several dishes that are perfect for sharing like the Seoul Street Style Dumplings, Kimchi Fries, and the most recent addition to their menu (and my new fav)-the Kalbi Poutine. Make sure you grab a can of the Guava Drink to go along with your meal, it’s the perfect sweet compliment to all of these wonderful Korean BBQ flavors!

Kalbi Poutine

Seoul Style Street Dumplings

Seoul Style Street Dumplings

Del Seoul is located at 2568 N. Clark in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. 




March 2014



Modern Pioneering – Interview With Georgia Pellegrini and a Giveaway!

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with chef and author Georgia Pellegrini. I had just added her second book, Girl Hunter, to my Kindle when I found out about the interview so it felt a bit like kismet. Not only does Georgia believe in being a responsible omnivore and “paying the full price of the meal” by hunting for the main course herself, she wears lip gloss and Burberry scarves while doing it! (Love her great post on 10 Things for Women to Wear Outdoors!)

Georgia Pellegrini

 photo credit Terry Allen

After college Georgia started out with your typical 9-5 job in finance and left it all behind to pursue her passion for food at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. “The silver lining is when you’re not happy you think about what you’re doing when you are happy-and it was always food and cooking for me.” True that. I know a lot of people, me included, that have tossed around the idea of leaving their current job to pursue something they’re truly passionate about – and that can be a really scary thing! Pellegrini stuck with her “fearless approach to the world” and along with “a lot of blood, sweat, tears and serendipity” she turned her life into her career.

Georgia’s latest book, Modern Pioneering, was inspired by her Adventure Getaways (more on that to come!) and is the absolute perfect read to get you in the mood for Spring and Summer. Full of gorgeous photos to go along her inspiring recipes and how-tos, Modern Pioneering truly embodies Georgia’s philosophy of “manual literacy”, the idea that not everyone may be able to get out to the field and go hunting or grow a huge garden, but “there are ways both large and small that we can all get back to the land and use our hands again and get some dirt under our fingernails.” With recipes like Pellegrini’s favorite Red Wine Popsicles and her Watermelon Keg how-to, you’ll learn a little something about fun drinks too! “I didn’t want it to be a coffee table book. This is a true manual where you can really get messy with it.”

Modern Pioneering Cover

Once you’ve read her books and just can’t get enough of this amazing “girl hunter”, you can pack your bags and join Georgia April 3-6 at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin for one of her Adventure Getaways – no experience necessary! “The women often say they feel a little taller after they leave. They get this Amazonian look in their eyes, they sort of transform.” Cooking classes coupled with morning yoga by the lake followed by fly fishing or a day interacting with nature followed by a tall glass of red wine…sounds like an amazing alternative to the typical spa weekend if you ask me! Georgia agrees that “it’s girl bonding at it’s finest”. Get more information on the getaway here.

And now, a few questions for Georgia:

LF: I know a lot of people like me that live in the city and don’t have a whole lot of green space. What are the best ways for city dwellers to get back to the land?

GP: Land can be a patio planter or it can be a fire escape. You can grow 25 lbs of potatoes in a garbage bag, or in the back alley of your apartment building. You can be a guerrilla gardener and throw seed bombs out your window. There are ways to do more with less and have fun in the process, even though we’re all starved for time. Do something like making your own fresh butter in 15 minutes while you’re checking your email or while you’re out for the day you can make fresh mozzarella or a fresh homemade cheese and let it drip while you’re out. Our grandparent’s generation had all of these skills and we’ve really lost touch with a lot of that DIY, can-do spirit.


LF: I’m planning on growing my first back porch garden this year. What are the best vegetables for a first-timer?

GP: Radishes are super easy and delicious-I have a great recipe for buttered radishes in book. Lettuces are quite easy, any kind of greens like watercress or spinach or kale or lettuces. Think about what you eat a lot of-people often overlook that.


LF: What are your favorite Spring ingredients or recipes?

GP: The Pea Pancakes on the cover of the book. Fresh Spring peas are phenomenal and they’re such a fun, whimsical thing. The pancakes are great because you can make small versions of them as little canapés or appetizers, add a little crème fraiche and ham. I also like ramps and wild garlic. There’s a recipe for wild garlic soup in the book. Wild garlic is something you can just pull up from your lawn – it grows everywhere. Purslane is another weed you can pull up. My grandmother used to love that – it has a ton of omega-3s and it grows in the sidewalk cracks. Spring strawberries are also fantastic. There’s a recipe for strawberry, champagne, and black pepper fruit roll-ups in the book which is really fun and a great way to preserve really delicious fruit.


LF: If you could cook one meal for anyone, who would it be and what would you cook?

GP: I’d probably cook for my great-grandfather who I never met. He was a well-known writer and my grandmother, his daughter, read my books about a year ago, all in one sitting, and she called me and said it was so strange because she felt like he was talking to her. We have the same cadence in the way our brains work – shows you the power of DNA because I’ve never known the man. We would probably cook something really simple. My family still owns land he lived on so maybe honey from our honey bees, asparagus that he probably planted, wonderful summer tomatoes, a purslane salad because my grandmother always looks for it in the garden there. We have an amazing rose arbor that he built so maybe the Rose Petal Hazelnut Cake in my book. You scatter rose petals in the batter and on top of the cake because rose petals are edible. And some kind of delicious meat, because I’m a meat girl.


LF: Best advice?

GP: Make sure you’re always being authentic and that what you’re doing is a natural extension of who you really are and the life that you really want to live. You don’t want to live a version of a life that someone else wants you to have because it’s going to sell well. People are smarter than that. My readers and my fans relate to me because I am real with them and I’m authentic with them and that’s important I think-to really live the life you promote.


Can’t wait to pick up a copy of Georgia’s latest book?? Guess what – you could win one right here! I have 3 shiny new copies of Modern Pioneering that will be going out to 3 lucky Lion + Maven readers! Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below by 11:59pm on 4/4/2014. US entries only.


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