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Travel Throwback: Mykonos

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Travel Throwback is a series of blog posts based on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise that I took with Mike, my mom, and my brother aboard the Celebrity Equinox back in August of 2011. Back then I wasn’t blogging about my travel but luckily I kept a journal and took a LOT of pictures and I can’t wait to share!

August 26, 2011

After an amazing day on Santorini Mike, my brother and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the ship that night and woke up the next day with slight major hangovers. Since walking around in the blazing heat was not appealing in the least, we decided it would be a great day to check out one of the beautiful beaches on Mykonos. My mom headed into Mykonos Town for a little shopping and sightseeing and the rest of us took a bus from the port to Elia Beach.

Lion + Maven | Mykonos

view near Mykonos Town

Elia beach is a short stretch of sand just a quick bus ride away from Mykonos Town. Lounge chairs and umbrellas line the beach and we were easily able to find a chair in what seemed to be a less crowded section. Elia is a very popular beach for the gay crowd as well as those that prefer to sunbathe nude so we found a great mix of people here. The beach was very laid back, most people just relaxing and taking in the sun-at least when we visited there was no loud music and partying like you might find at Paradise or Super Paradise beach. Although I would’ve loved to see more of Mykonos, this ended up being the perfect way for us to relax and enjoy the island-and now I have a reason to return!

Lion + Maven | Mykonos

Lion + Maven | Mykonos

Lion + Maven | Mykonos

Lion + Maven | Mykonos

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