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Del Seoul Korean Street BBQ

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When Del Seoul first opened it’s doors back in 2010 I worked right down the street from their tiny space that was originally only half of what it is today. I had never tried Korean-style tacos but as soon as I had my first bite of their Sesame-Chili Shrimp taco I knew there was no turning back. The giant panko-battered shrimp topped with their cool, crunchy secret slaw and sesame-chili aioli was like no taco I had ever tried before and I wanted more! Sadly I no longer work within walking distance of Del Seoul but that hasn’t stopped me from returning time and time again. The shrimp taco is definitely my favorite but not far behind are the spicy Sambal Fish taco and the Kalbi (beef short rib) taco. Who am I kidding though, the pork and the chicken tacos are pretty fantastic too!

Fish Taco

Kalbi Taco

Korean BBQ Tacos, Fish, Shrimp, Pork

As if these fab tacos weren’t enough, Del Seoul has an entire menu full of other delicious dishes like their Bento Box dinners, Banh Mi sandwiches, and Bibimbop bowls. They also have a several dishes that are perfect for sharing like the Seoul Street Style Dumplings, Kimchi Fries, and the most recent addition to their menu (and my new fav)-the Kalbi Poutine. Make sure you grab a can of the Guava Drink to go along with your meal, it’s the perfect sweet compliment to all of these wonderful Korean BBQ flavors!

Kalbi Poutine

Seoul Style Street Dumplings

Seoul Style Street Dumplings

Del Seoul is located at 2568 N. Clark in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. 


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