April 2014



Lazy Sundays

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  • Looks like the Willis Tower ‘Ledge’ is going to have to start competing with the Hancock Observatory’s new attraction, Tilt! Would you do this?? I think I’m way too chicken!
  • InStyle’s list of Best Beauty Buys of 2014 is out! From hair to makeup to skincare, they have all your beauty needs covered!
  • Great news for those near the Michigan Ave shopping district – Blaze Pizza is opening their second location at 227 E. Ontario on Monday (tomorrow)! They’re offering free pizza for Facebook fans on Tuesday 4/29, a great excuse to check them out!
  • Women, take note. There’s a new iPhone app called Kitestring that aims to get you from Point A to Point B safely, and inform your emergency contacts if you don’t. It’s obviously not going to scare away a potential attacker, but if you’re walking home late at night by yourself in Chicago, or any city for that matter, it could potentially make a big difference.
  • HBO is promoting their HBO Go service and the new promo ads they’re running are pretty hilarious, in a totally awkward, I’ve so been there before kind of way!

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