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Eating & Drinking in Prague

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Because one post on eating in Prague just wasn’t enough! Thanks to Jan and Zuzi from Taste of Prague, Mike and I were armed with an entire list of great places to eat and drink during our short stay Prague. If you’re visiting Prague and are looking for recommendations, please shoot me an e-mail as I’d be more than happy to send some your way! Here are a few of the spots we stopped at and really loved…

On our first night in Prague we visited the Vinograf location near the Charles Bridge after our Prague on Segway tour. Vinograf is a wine bar and they have two locations in Prague, you may remember the larger location from my previous post about our tour with Taste of Prague. This location in Malá Strana is the smaller and more intimate of the two. We were a bit intimidated at first because it was a very small space filled with locals and menus written entirely in Czech, but after our first glass of wine we were hooked. We shared a fantastic charcuterie plate and took a great inexpensive bottle of wine home with us and it’s currently chilling in our refrigerator awaiting special occasion.

To give you an idea of just how small this Vinograf location is – on our second night we stopped back in after dinner and after placing our order the couple at the table less than a foot away from us asked if we were from the U.S. – accents, obviously. Not only were they also from Chicago, they lived and worked just a few blocks from our current home. Once we started chatting, then man at the table next to us jumped into the conversation. He was originally from England but currently residing in L.A. At that point a couple from Prague at the last occupied table joined in as well because in such a close setting it was pretty much impossible not to. We stayed for over an hour trying different wines and having one big conversation with the entire restaurant. So much fun, and such a memorable experience, we definitely have a soft spot for Vinograf!

Vinograf, Prague

Vinograf, Cheese, Charcuterie

On our second day in Prague we spent most of the day wandering the streets of the city. After starting our morning at the most beautiful coffee shop, La Boheme  Café, Mike headed back to our apartment and I headed to Antonínovo Pekařství for some delicious pastries. After all that flaky, buttery goodness it was time for a walk, so I strolled through the Jiřího z Poděbrad farmers’ market and then stopped to check out Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi. Gastronomica is a fantastic little shop and bistro filled with everything you’d need for a picture-perfect picnic. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy their great outdoor seating, or buy some goodies to-go and head back to the square at Jiřího z Poděbrad to enjoy the beautiful day in Prague!

La Boheme Cafe, Prague

La Boheme Cafe, Prague

La Boheme Cafe, Prague

Antonínovo pekařství

Prague Farmers Market

Prague, Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi

Gastronomica La Bottega di Aromi Eventually Mike and I met back up and grabbed a quick lunch in the Old Town at Las Adelitas. We needed a short break from the standard German and Czech fare and their Al Pastor tacos hit the spot! We may or may not have also grabbed a Trdelník, a pastry topped with sugar and walnuts that you’ll see spinning all around the city!

Las Adelitas, Prague, Al Pastor Tacos


Later that night, after a quick recharge at the apartment, we headed back out for dinner and drinks. For drinks we stopped at Hemingway Bar, an absolute must-visit in Prague, in my opinion. It’s a dark, sexy bar with a speakeasy vibe and carefully crafted cocktails that were outstanding. They focus on Hemingway’s favorites, rum, absinthe, and champagne, but they do a fantastic job with everything else as well. I started with their Becher Butter Sour and loved it so much that I didn’t even want to bother trying anything else! This signature drink is made with the Czech liqueur Becherovka that is infused with ghee and mixed with fresh lemon juice, sugar sirup, and egg white and topped with an orange chip. I am determined to figure out how to recreate this here at home! We stopped in shortly after they opened at 5pm on a Wednesday night, and we were the only patrons in the bar when we first arrived, but I’ve been told that later in the night it’s a very popular spot and reservations are recommended.

Hemingway Bar, Prague

We would have loved to stay at Hemingway for another cocktail (or 3) but our 7pm dinner reservation at La Finestra in Cucina was calling. La Finestra is a beautiful Italian restaurant in the Old Town near the Charles Bridge. Along with their delicious pastas they also specialize in meat – something I can definitely get behind. Mike and I shared a great bottle of Italian wine, a bright seasonal salad, two tasty pastas (the mushroom ravioli with carbonara foam and the rigatoni amatriciana with sweet onion purée and crispy guanciale), and one fantastic steak. If you’re looking for a special dinner in Prague, La Finestra will definitely fit the bill.

La Finestra, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

La Finestra in Cucina, Prague

The next day we did more wandering, starting our day with coffee at EMA Espresso Bar followed by a walk up to Letná Park to enjoy a few beers and great views at one of Condé Nast Traveler’s Coolest Beer Gardens Around the WorldLetná Beer Garden. We could have spent weeks exploring every delicious bite Prague has to offer, but I think we did a pretty good job with the little time that we had. Hopefully we’ll make it back to Prague someday and pick up right where we left off!

Letna Beer Garden, Prague

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